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What is switchable glass?

        Switchable Laminated Glass to remove ordinary dimming glass, the first thing we think of is certainly the color dimming glass as the name implies, color dimming glass is through a special process, making the dimming glass from the original white, into a variety of colors and still have the characteristics of smart glass. Intelligent glass can even be put to other uses, like serving as a projection screen, making smart glass a versatile update to traditional glass. Designed for cosier areas in home decoration, PDLC glass offers a grey tinted glass when turned on and an opaque dark grey surface when switched off.

The structure of the dimming glass is similar to that of a sandwich cookie. It consists of two pieces of transparent glass with a liquid crystal film sandwiched between them. It depends on the filling in the middle and the liquid crystal film in the middle of the dimming privacy glass.

P D L C    F I L M

Test Items

High temperature experiment 70 °C, 240 h;

Low temperature experiment -20 °C, 240 h;

High temperature and high humidity experiment 60°C, 95% RH, 240 h;

High and low temperature shock test -20 °C, 30 min, 70 °C, 30 min (cycle 50 times).

Atomization Rate

Transparency is 96% when the film powered on;

Transparency is less than 4% when the film powered off.

180° Visible Light Transmittance

Transparency is 83% when the film powered on;

Transparency is more than 60% when the film powered off.


Privacy Room,Projection,Silent Room,Fire Room,Window Advertising,Special Perspective Lift,Bank,Showcase,Bathroom,Vehicle Application,Hospital,Brand Store,Restaurant,Factory Floor,Dynamic Window Display,Control Room,......

Response Time (OFF-ON)

< 10ms

Power Consumption


Operating Voltage (ON)

AC48V ~ 65V/50Hz

Energy Saving

Block more than 99% of the uv and more than 98% of the infrared, insulation performance reaches level 2 or above.


It has the advantages of safety glass, good impact resistance,eva film and laminated smart film firmly adheres the glass, so that
the smart glass can prevent debris from hurting people after being broken by impact.

Control Methods

Manual switch, remote control, trigger control, voice control, APP control, timing control, remote network control, etc, can be
customized according to customer needs.




Q1. What is the lead time?
A: Sample is 1-3 working days, mass production time is 3-5 working days for
Order less than 5000 PCS.
Q2. Do you have any MOQ limit?
A: Screen Protector MOQ is 500 pcs with yourself logo.
Screen Protector MOQ is 3000 pcs with Custom Package.
Q3. How should we pay if we order from you?
A: Alibaba trade assurance: Samples and small order
T/T: Mass production
Q4: What is the packaging?
The Packaging Detail:
A: Factory Finished product packaging: retail package x1 TPU screen protector x1
hard scratch card x1 Toolkit x1 include dust removal stickers,Clean cloth,wet bags,
dust remover. 200 product in one carton the carton size is:42*36*32cm,
the carton weight is 18kg.
Q5. Can I have a sample even pre-production before I send you the order?
A: Yes, We can send you samples for your approval first.
Q6. Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, we can offer one- year guarantee for the goods

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