Kraft Honeycomb Paper Mailer Making Machine


This machine is designed for the production of honeycomb paperboard core buffer express bag bag production line, which is developed, it is composed of computer and 10 several servo a closed-loop control system, all of them, and from the two layers of kraft paper rolling, the honeycomb paper, the pressure on the lining, glue sealing shear forming, are completed in production line last time, the whole production line was in a small bag can also be a two bags,  To improve bag making efficiency.  

Paper bags produced by Honeycomb Paper Envelope Machine and Paper Bubble Envelope Machine can replace our common plastic bubble film packaging bags, can be 100 percent recycling and complete degradation, is the true sense of pure degradation of environmental protection packaging bags.  

We also have other paper devices:  

1. Bottom Gusset Bag Machine: Bottom envelope bag can replace gray and black film express bag, paper-plastic composite bag, and transparent paper can replace POPP clothing bag, hospital pill bag and so on.  

2. Honeycomb Paper Rolling Cutting Machine: Honeycomb paper can replace bubble film to package cosmetics, medicine bottles, circuit boards, electronic originals, etc., with a good buffer effect.  

3. Corrugated Paper Envelope Machine

product name:

Honeycomb Paper Bag Making Machine

Suitable material

Kraft paper 100-130g/sm²

Machine speed


Maximum bag size

one line 550mm×450mm、two lines 250mm×450mm

Effective width of unwind

Kraft paper 1150mm honeycomb paper 520mm

Effective diameter of unwind

kraft paper φ1300mm honeycomb paperφ400mm


three pahse AC380V 50HZ 50Kw

Air pressure

over 6kg constant pressure

Overall Dimension(LXWXH)


Machine weight


The usage of product made by this machine:

The honeycomb mailer can instead the current bubble film mailer for economic and environmental protection. Under the background of
plastic ban, it has very huge market. It can be widely used as outer package for mailing clothes, small accessory, food and file
etc. It can protect the products in environmental friendly way. And it will be a very good product which can instead the plastic
bubble film in the future.

Q1:Do you accept customized?
A: Yes. The customer can tell your request, we have professional R&D team to customize machine for the customer.

Q2.What is the production cycle of the machine:
A: The production cycle is 30~60 days.

Q3.What is the warranty time?
A: The warranty time is 1 year after the buyer receive the machine. If any parts on the machine was broken(except vulnerable
parts), we are responsible to repair or replace for free.

Q4. Does engineer available to serve machinery overseas?
A: Yes, engineer is available to install and training overseas for free for seven days. Our engineers are experienced and have
long-term VISA for several countries.

Q5:What’s the after-sales service?
A.The seller will response and give solution in 48 hours if any urgent problems on machine.
B.The seller’s engineer can solve problems of machine by remote controlling if necessary( in warranty time freely, exceed warranty
time, the seller should charge for the remote control.)
C.If problems can’t be solved by remote control, the seller will send one engineer to buyer’s factory for maintenance. The buyer
should provide hotel, meal and round ticket for engineer and pay $ 100 per day as salary.