In the sintering process, cemented carbide is powder sintered, so compared with ordinary die steel, its performance is non-directional. During the processing, it can be divided into different shapes according to the specifications. The fracture toughness of harder materials is smaller. In a wide range, cemented carbide has both good hardness and toughness, so it has become a widely applicable hard material and is widely used in engineering and tool products.

The classification of tungsten carbide round bars

Tungsten carbide round bar can be divided into tungsten steel bars for PCB tools, solid tungsten steel bars, single straight hole tungsten steel bars, double straight hole tungsten steel bars, double spiral hole tungsten steel bars, and three-spiral-hole tungsten steel bars and other types of tungsten steel bars, etc.; according to the molding process, it can be divided into extrusion molding and compression molding. The difference is that the extruded bar has a beautiful appearance and is easy to grind; the advantage of the molded bar is that the density is relatively uniform, but it is not conducive to the grind.

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