cemented carbide materials are often used by us and have been widely used in various places, but they are relatively unfamiliar to some novices. What are the misunderstandings when buying? Next, our staff will give you a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge points.

1. Color judgment of cemented carbide material: Some people would think that tungsten steel, also known as cemented carbide, should be bright and black. This idea is understandable, but it is seen that it has not been polished, and the same is true for tungsten steel. Can be processed to a mirror surface, if there is no corrosion, it is completely white. The correct judgment should be several kinds. The section (cross-section) of tungsten steel is black. After rough grinding, it is also black after being placed for a period of time. Because the rough grinding surface is rough and exposed to the air for a long time, it will form oxidation and also Blackened. If it is a finely polished mirror surface, without any anti-rust oil sealed package, it will also shine white after a long time.

2. Judging whether it is ground carbide by weight: Some people like to say that after buying tungsten steel, I can feel it in my hand that your tungsten steel is lighter than others, so this is not as good as others'. There are many grades of cemented carbide materials. Different grades of cemented carbide materials have different densities with different grain sizes. Generally speaking, it is generally between 13.5-15.2.

3. It is a good cemented carbide material that falls on the ground from a height of one meter: I often meet some people who say that your cemented carbide material can fall from a height of one meter without breaking? This depends on how it is said. Two iPhones, one dropped from a height of one meter, the front side is facing down, the glass is broken into hundreds of pieces, and the other is facing down and falling down. At the same height, there is no problem at all. In other words, the quality of the former is not good, and is the quality of the latter good? The same is true for tungsten steel. When it falls, where the focus is, the size and length of the cemented carbide material, the bending strength and hardness of the cemented carbide material itself, and whether there are chamfers at both ends all affect whether the tungsten steel are the reasons for the break or breach.

I have first introduced you to the relevant knowledge points about cemented carbide materials. I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone. Thank you for watching.

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