carbide round bar is a kind of alloy material with high hardness and high strength, which is made of cemented carbide tungsten steel as the main raw material, plus other precious metals and paste phases that are pressed and sintered by powder metallurgy. In the field of national production and processing, such as: micro-drills in the PCB industry, electrode rods in the optoelectronic communication industry, carbide drill bits, drill shanks, push rods, wear-resistant precision parts in the machining industry, and high-quality materials for integrated CNC milling cutters and drilling tools.

Carbide round bar blank and the fine process:

Pulverizing → formula according to the application requirements → wet milling → mixing → crushing → drying → sieving → adding forming agent → re-drying → sieving to obtain a mixture → granulating → pressing → forming → low pressure sintering → forming (blank )→Flaw inspection→External grinding and fine grinding (the blank does not have this process)→Detection size→Packing→Warehousing

Why choose carbide round bar?

Anyone who has used sweaters knows that the knitting needles are iron, and the outside is electroplated in various colors, so when the sweaters are knitted longer and longer, the sweater needles become more and more curved, and some light-colored knitting needles will fade.

If you use carbide round bar to knit sweaters, because the hardness of carbide is high, the above phenomena will not occur. In addition, the tungsten steel is formed by powder pressing, and the appearance is polished. The more friction, the brighter the tungsten steel, so that carbide round bar will not fade.

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