We need to pay attention to many matters when grinding and processing cemented carbide materials. What matters should we pay attention to? Let's give you a brief introduction to its related knowledge points.

It is a prerequisite to formulate a reasonable grinding process, which is the basis for ensuring the grinding of cemented carbide material products. Reasonably choose the amount of grinding, and use a fine grinding method with a small radial feed or even fine grinding. If the radial feed rate and the grinding wheel speed are appropriately reduced, and the axial feed rate is increased, the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is reduced, and the heat dissipation conditions are improved, thereby effectively controlling the increase in surface temperature. Reasonable selection and dressing of the grinding wheel, the use of white corundum is better. Its performance is hard and brittle, and it is easy to produce new cutting edges, so the cutting force is small, the grinding heat is small, and the medium grain size is used, such as 46~ 60 mesh is better. In the hardness of the grinding wheel, medium-soft and soft, that is, coarse-grained, low-hardness grinding wheels are used.

It is very important to choose an appropriate grinding wheel for fine grinding of cemented carbide material. When processing cemented carbide, tungsten steel, and materials with high quenching hardness, the organic binder diamond grinding wheel is preferred. The organic binder grinding wheel has good self-grinding properties. The roughness of the workpiece can reach Ra0.2μm. In the grinding process, attention should be paid to dressing the grinding wheel in time to keep the grinding wheel sharp. When the grinding wheel is passivated, it will slip and squeeze on the surface of the workpiece, causing burns on the surface of the workpiece and reducing its strength.

I have first introduced the relevant knowledge points about cemented carbide materials. I hope the above content can help you. Thank you for reading. Welcome to cooperate with us.

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