Contemporary Image Style Leather Sofa Sets 5037#


As the newest sofa set images product of KUKA Homes in 2014, this sofa inherits the DNA of KUKA Homes image products. Our designers give it a new interpretation of the unique products family of "Crescent Moon" and fill the popular symbol of the new era.

On styling: Our designers boldly use curves to draw the lovely outline, the backrest with graceful arc and the seat cushion with personalized and stereo stripe sewing line form a stark contrast, making the whole design details diversified. Based on the radius of the arc lying position, they skillfully design a rotatable floor tea table with crescent moon, making the function and modeling get perfect unified, matching an individual arc lying position, it is echoed with the sofa, and sets off the popular trend of modern homes products toward the development of integration.

On leather settee dining functions: In addition to having heartstrings appearance, our designers also pay attention to the relationship of the product with people. According to the desires of different sitting postures, we increase the function of the backrest(three seats with folding function). By regulating multi-position tapping, it effectively adjusts the comfortable sitting and back resting and enhances the practicability of the product.

In a word, this product is already in shape and function, achieving perfect integration.