38m Concrete Pump Truck



38 meter concrete pump truck is common in many construction sites. Before, the houses were transported by manpower. Now there are 38m concrete pump truck, which not only saves manpower, but also speeds up the construction progress. Today let me tell you something about the 38 meter concreting tools and equipment.

The 38-meter concrete pump truck integrates high reliability, economy, safety and durability. The chassis, power, electric control, hydraulic pressure and pumping system are reasonably matched. The supporting leg occupies a small space and the truck moves easily. It can automatically switch between high and low pressure and meet the demanding requirements of high-standard concrete long-distance transportation. Especially suitable for new type of rural construction, high-speed rail, girder field, bridge, tunnel, airport and port.

Performance features of 38m concrete pump truck:
1. Small size and good passability, suitable for small rural construction environment.
2. Self - contained arm frame, short auxiliary time
3. Do not need to set pipe line. It can use immediately with high labor efficiency
4. High degree of automation, which can be operated by one person. It is equipped with remote control and easy to operate.
5. Good maneuverability and high equipment utilization.
6. The fuselage design is dexterous, and the supporting legs cover a small area. The construction site moves easily.
7. The vehicle design integrates economy, reliability and safety durability.

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