49m Concrete Pimp Truck



The 49-meter advanced concrete pumping is a kind of common construction vehicle, which is internationally advanced in key performances such as pumping efficiency, comprehensive fuel consumption and arm frame vibration. It is complicated to operate the 49m pump truck. It is necessary to follow certain rules to operate the 49m pump truck safely. Today, I would like to introduce how to deal with the trouble of the agitation system of the 49m pump truck.

1. Leakage of stirring system
Best Teila concrete pump 49 meters are equipped with lubrication equipment, in order to prevent the stirring shaft in the slurry leakage. The pump delivery system distribution valve can complete the transmission of lubricating oil once every return movement. The lubricant is then sent through the grease dispensing valve into the agitator shaft bearing. In this way, it can effectively seal and lubricate.

If there is leakage at the stirring shaft, check the oil screen immediately to see if it is blocked, and if there is oil in the connection of grease tubing, whether the grease supply system is normal or not, and whether the grease distribution valve loses its distribution function. If the wear is due to the long service time of the stirring system, components should be replaced in time and effective maintenance should be carried out.

2. Shaft rotation fault
The stirring shaft is driven by the hydraulic motor. If it is found that the stirring shaft does not rotate or the rotating speed decreases significantly, workers should immediately check whether the stirring hydraulic motor is working normally, whether the pressure of stirring hydraulic system is in a reasonable range. Workers can also speed up the stirring shaft's rotating speed appropriately.