46m Concrete Pump Truck



The 46-meter concrete pump, also known as the small orthopaedic concretepumping, is always used in the construction of floor heating. It can be used in the construction of various projects in the south, the conveyance of refractory and thermal insulation materials and the construction of many building floors. In use, fine-stone concrete pump motor often needs frequency conversion operation. How to speed the 46m concrete pump motor? Now we introduce it specifically as follows.

The mixer of the 46m concrete pump truck works through the drive of hydraulic motor. In use, the hopper and mixing mechanism are generally placed at the end of the pump truck, so that the concrete output from the pump truck mixer can be easily received. In order to accurately set up sequence valve for the hydraulic system of 46m concrete pump, it is necessary to know the working characteristics of sequence valve and adjust the working pressure of sequence valve. So how can you correct that?

If the adjustment pressure of the internal control sequence valve is too high and the working pressure of the working hydraulic cylinder is lower than its adjustment pressure, there may be pressure loss at the valve port of the sequence valve, which will cause temperature rise and heat of the system. At this point, the setting pressure of the internal control sequence valve can be reasonably determined, so that the working pressure of the working cylinder is higher than the opening pressure of the sequence valve. When the sequence valve works, the valve port will be fully open, with almost no pressure loss at the valve port, thus avoiding the system heating caused by improper pressure setting of the sequence valve.

It needs to be pointed out that the motor frequency control technology of 46m concrete pump vehicle can adjust the speed of the actuator by changing the frequency of the power supply. In this way, the electric opportunity of the pump vehicle is always in a high efficiency state. Applying motor frequency control technology to hydraulic control system of small aggregate concrete pump can overcome some disadvantages of hydraulic system, such as simplifying hydraulic circuit, reducing energy loss of hydraulic system, expanding speed control range, improving system efficiency and prolonging system life, etc.

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