4 Section Boom Concrete Pump



Compared with two-section boom and three-section boom, four-section arms have more combination of folding modes. Commonly used in construction are m-shaped, RZ-shaped R-shaped, Z-shaped and so on. RZ, a combination of two basic modes, which have both advantages of R ad Z, are widely used.

A lot of people don't know how to choose the concrete pump types. Actually, it is not difficult. You can choose the suitable model correctly, as long as you consider the concrete project object, the characteristic, the required quantity of conveyance, the conveyance distance, the concrete construction plan and the concrete pump form.

1. Types and structures of buildings
The performance of the concrete pump truck varies with the type of the truck. When selecting the machine type, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and surrounding environment should also be considered besides the amount of concrete pouring. The main performance parameters of the selected concrete pumping equipment supplies should be consistent with or slightly larger than the construction needs. If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low. If the pump truck is too small, it will not only fail to meet the construction requirements but also accelerate the loss of the concrete pump truck.

2. Adaptability to construction
The concrete pump truck has flexibility. The higher the boom height, the larger the casting height and the placing radius and the stronger the construction adaptability. Therefore, high - arm concrete pump truck should be selected as far as possible in construction. The concrete pump truck with arms length of 28 -- 36m is a mass product on the market, accounting for about 75%. Long - arm concrete pump truck will be the main type of construction. In addition, as the concrete pump truck is limited by the bearing capacity of the car chassis, the cost increases greatly when the boom height exceeds 42m. Limited by the construction site space, it is rarely used.

3. Construction volume
The number of concrete pump trucks used can be calculated according to the amount of concrete pouring, the actual amount of conveyance per machine and the construction time. For those one-time concrete pouring a large amount of concrete pump construction projects, there must be a certain amount of reserve. In addition, the concrete mixing station with an annual output of 10 -- 150,000 m3 needs to be equipped with 2 -- 3 concrete pump trucks.

4. Product configuration
People should insist on high quality when choosing concrete pump. If high value concrete pump truck is selected, the standard of its products must be improved. The quality of the main components of the product, from internal quality to external quality, should be adapted to the high value of the whole vehicle.

5. Power system
The concrete pump truck adopts full hydraulic technology. So it is necessary to consider whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced or not. Therefore, in addition to the performance and quality of the engine, the performance, bearing capacity and quality of the automobile chassis should also be considered.

6. Operating system
The operation control system on the concrete pump truck is provided with manual, wired and wireless control modes, which are convenient and flexible. Wireless remote control can be operated remotely. Once the circuit fails, manual operation mode can be adopted.

7. After-sales service
As a special vehicle, the concrete pump truck should be required for its safety, mechanical performance, after-sale service and parts supply. Otherwise, once the accident occurs, it not only affects the construction schedule, but also will produce the unimaginable consequence

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