52m Concrete Pump Truck



Let me introduce you zoomlion ZLJ5430THBB 52x-6rz concrete pump truck, a 52 meter concrete pump truck.

Machine performance of 52m Concrete Pump Truck
The concrete pump chassis of zoomlion ZLJ5430THBB 52x-6rz adopts noble German Benz chassis.
Intelligent and safe distribution control: set up a global benchmark for intelligent control of long-arm pump truck.
Based on the top K - CIFA tronic ® intelligent control technology, it is developed in line with China's actual use habits and working condition.
Intelligent and safe distribution control.

Arm top of 52m Concrete Pump Truck of Teila
Arm top is composed of arm frame, rotary table, rotary mechanism, underframe and supporting leg.
Large distribution range: the arm frame is a 6-section RZ arm frame with a maximum radius of 48m and a maximum height of 52m.
X leg structure is adopted, which greatly expands the performance of the pump truck in the construction site.
MBIT multi-arm intelligent coordination technology: to solve the problems such as the uncoordinated action of multi-arm frame and rotary motion, intelligent control is adopted to allocate the hydraulic oil flow. It realizes the synchronous coordination of multi - node arm, reduces the vibration and impact when the arm frame works, and makes the operation more simple and convenient.
Intelligent buffer technology of arm frame rotation
Flexible control is adopted to start, rotate and stop the arm frame, which can slow down the impact vibration when the arm frame and rotary start and stop, making the whole machine more stable, reliable and safe.
Good stability: it adopts the rotary reducer and slewing support with world advanced technology. The electro-hydraulic proportional reversing control valve can make the rotation of the cloth arm and stretch more smoothly.