Where to Develop Logistics Business As a Global Freight Forwarder



The 2nd JCtrans Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference makes full use of modern Internet technology to create a multi-dimensional, all-round and more humanized way of communication.
The epidemic of 2020 brings the whole world economy to a freezing point. The international trade and logistics industry are still in a grim situation, the challenges that global logistics and trading enterprises are facing continue to update. The epidemic is a "crisis", but it can also be a "business opportunity". Take the initiative to choose online marketing, meet with trading and logistics enterprises online, create business opportunities together. 

The 2nd JCtrans Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference makes full use of modern internet technology to create a multi-dimensional, all-round and more humanized way of communication. It adheres to the actual development of the global logistics industry, directly addresses the pain points and concerns of the industry development, provides all-round and multi angle communicate opportunities for participating enterprises, explores business opportunities and development paths.
There are five "bright spots" on this conference.

"New System"

JCtrans upgrade whole conference system by innovative technology,tobring you a brand new experience,platform,system and interface which are totally different from before. All starts from"New". 


The online conference keeps focusing on global logistics industry. JCtrans will integrate worldwide logistics resources accurately and intelligently. Promoting communication and cooperation between global forwarders to achieve a win-win collaboration.  


You will not be restricted by time difference and geographical limitation anymore. The online conference will be held 24 hours for 5 days.JCtrans provides you more opportunities to negotiate with potential partners in consideration of attendees from different areas.

"All-Around Services"

The Cloud Conference will remain popular parts like PeakForum, Distinguished Guest Speech, One to One Meeting, Specialist Project Meeting, Free Talk Area, Cloud live stream. Face with worldwide partners, discuss current topic with elite, specialists in the logistics industry, also the brand new Exhibition Room provide agents with multi-scene, multi-dimensional and diversified online interaction experience. Furthermore, combine with market trend and keep pace with the times the Cloud Conference add new “live with the goods” part, experiencing the most popular marketing mode.

"Full Coverage"

This Cloud Conference includes logistics and related industry, meet agent's personal demand by diversified forms and activities. It's expected that more than 15000 participants from over 6000 logistics and trading enterprises cover 150 countries will attend the meeting. In addition, government leaders, industry associations, well-known experts and scholars, leaders from port enterprises, shipping companies and airlines would be expected to be invited.

As the third party internet platform which has deep plough in the industry for 17 years, JCtrans keeps on accumulating quality resources of the career, making use of the internet method to break up the limitation of the off line, providing guide idea and management strategy for the freight forwarding companies.In the future, JCtrans will bring more creativity for traditional career relying on the advantage of internet, and guide the traditional logistics enterprises back to bright road! 

Oct.19-23,2020  we expect to meet you in the cloud conference.More exciting introductions, please keep attention on us ! 

Established in 2003, jc trans network is a cargo agent network. Since founded, JCtrans relies on e-commerce and online public platform to provide global networking services for freight forwarders and other logistical service providers, by means of network marketing promotion, transaction, settlement platform, financial protection, credit system and other diversified services.

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