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The epidemic(Convid-19) has dealt a great blow to most industries. Service industries and physical industries are arguably the most affected.Therefore, how to expand the existing network and find new reliable agents is very important.
The epidemic(Convid-19) has dealt a great blow to most industries. Service industries and physical industries are arguably the most affected.

According to a survey conducted by China’s CCTV, in the first half year 2020, orders for many foreign trade industries experienced a cliff-like decline. Yangzhou’s toothbrush industry suffered an export crisis, and some factories even cancelled 80% of orders; Lianyungang’s exports of seaweed accounted for 60% of the global market,but the epidemic spreading overseas has caused Lianyungang’s seaweed exports to almost stagnate; a large number of silk factories in Wujiang, Suzhou rely on exports and OEMs, and the sharp decline in overseas demand has also made these factories difficult.

But there are always chances,even in risks.

The epidemic continues to spread in the world, and foreign demand for epidemic prevention materials continues to rise. Many production companies have also seen opportunities and entered the industry one after another, allowing more and more factories to expand the industrial chain. The export volume of anti-epidemic materials has increased greatly, which has led to a large increase in the domestic freight forwarding industry that can export such materials. Faced with such a large trade volume, all freight forwarders are working overtime to contribute their efforts to the export of anti-epidemic materials.

We feel that the epidemic will lead to more fragmentation of the global supply chain. After the epidemic, companies in various countries will restructure their supply chains. For freight forwarders, only by adapting to this trend can they achieve better development. The reconstruction of the global supply chain means that the company’s  present freight forwarding network may no longer meet the needs. Therefore, how to expand the existing network and find new reliable agents is very important.

To expand freight forwarder net,to find more overseas freight forwarders,You can try the following ways:

★ Do social media promotion

Nowadays,The acceptance of traditional Internet media is far less than that of social media. Platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, facebook, and LinkedIn have become mainstream marketing and promotion platforms for enterprises. Social media platforms allow companies to get more word-of-mouth and brand awareness after mutual understanding of products, brands and other information. Therefore, it is very necessary to take care of the company's official social media.

★ Use real-time chat tools to talk about business

According to the experience of our overseas sales team,more and more international freight forwarders use real-time chat tools in business,Wechat is also more and more popular in the world. JCtrans Logistics Network has the real-time chat group,over 10 thousand international freight forwarders in the group.If you also wanna join this group,you can go to JCtrans Logistics Network website to leave your demands.

★ To use Internet

The Internet is undoubtedly the most convenient and cost-effective way to collect target market information (compared to international business trips). Many websites collect freight forwarding information from countries around the world. For example, the global freight forwarding platform of JCtrans Logistics Network (www.jctrans.net) contains information on more than 100,000 freight forwarding companies in nearly 200 countries around the world; at the same time, you can also log on the website Publish information, pallets, freight rates and other business information to increase your exposure among peers.

★ Expand freight forwarder network,to join some big international freight forwarders association

If your company lacks experience in overseas agency development, joining some well-known international freight forwarding alliance organizations is undoubtedly a shortcut. Through the alliance organization, on the one hand, you can recommend reliable agents for you, on the other hand, there are often member inquiries. These are also business opportunities. For example, the GCP member product of JCtrans Logistics Network has more than 2,000 members in 586 cities in 165 countries around the world. Join GCP members, you can enjoy one-to-one exclusive services, and find business opportunities from all over the world for you. In addition, GCP provides each member with a financial guarantee of 100,000 US dollars/year, so that you can cooperate with other GCP members without worries.

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