Who Will Bear the Bad Debt Happened Between International Freight Forwarders?



Due to Covid-19 happened this year, many freight forwarders found it’s hard to collect payment and it makes the logistics companies a tough time. However, there’s someone who can help global freight forwarders to solve this problem.
Under the epidemic situation, there is a team doing its best to provide transparent, fair and honest logistics transaction settlement services and risk protection services for Chinese and foreign logistics companies, and has become the "guardian" of logistics companies under the plague of epidemic. This team is called  JCtrans!

Under epidemic situation, JCtrans received lots of feedback on cooperation disputes, including many companies unable to pay due to shortage of payment funds. As a third-party, JCtrans not only focuses on improving members' cooperation, but strictly auditing for new members enrollment, helping to solve problems between members' cooperation, warning blacklist agents to control the risk in time, compensating while bad debt happened, etc. 

Be the gatekeeper of the logistics reputation circle
JCtrans Logistics Network has a professional audit team to conduct a comprehensive audit of new members, including the establishment period, number of employees, office environment, business qualifications, and partners’ feedback, etc..

Be the coordinator between "member to member"
After receiving the feedback and complaints from our members, we will contact the relevant members as soon as possible and actively assist in the investigation and resolution in a fair and responsible solution.


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