How to Choose A Good Overseas Warehouse Logistics Company?


The integrated logistics system of overseas warehouses with warehousing as the core, including bulk cargo transportation, customs clearance, refined warehousing management, personalized order management, packaging and distribution, and comprehensive information management, etc..

The integrated logistics system of overseas warehouses with warehousing as the core, including bulk cargo transportation, customs clearance, refined warehousing management, personalized order management, packaging and distribution, and comprehensive information management, etc.. The requirements for the comprehensive capabilities of the operating e-commerce overseas warehousing logistics enterprise are quite high.

At present, the background of companies engaged in overseas warehousing operations in the e-commerce logistics market is  the following situations:

First of all, it has transformed from relatively large-scale e-commerce companies with self-operated overseas warehouses. Such overseas warehouses have a better understanding of the needs of e-commerce and have a better grasp of the development trend of e-commerce. Therefore, such companies often do a good job in marketing.
Secondly, there are overseas warehouses developed by express delivery companies that operate international direct shipments to expand their business. Such overseas warehouses should be the first companies that discovered the overseas warehouse demands of e-commerce and carried out overseas warehouse business.

In addition, some overseas warehouses are formed by companies with IT backgrounds. Such overseas warehouses have obvious advantages in operating systems. However, due to the lack of operational experience in logistics, the core business link-the operation of overseas warehousing  can only be achieved by outsourcing.

In addition to the overseas warehouses of the above companies, the market has always lacked professional international warehousing and logistics companies to participate in the construction of e-commerce overseas warehouses, and there are few integrated warehousing and logistics companies capable of meeting the requirements of overseas warehouses. And if such enterprises can well integrate the needs of e-commerce and develop a complete front-end operating system, it is the logistics guarantee that cross-border e-commerce can really rely on.

Based on market demand, judge whether an overseas warehouse company has professional capabilities, please take the following tips as your reference:

First of all, be professional in bulk transportation, whether the company is a substantial first-class international freight forwarding company, in addition to having the national-issued international freight forwarding qualifications, it should also be substantially related to the carrier, that is, the shipping company and the airline on the relevant routes. There is a direct and good cooperative relationship on the market, so as to ensure a stable space and high-quality operation level, so as to ensure the time of the goods on the shelves.   

Secondly, professional customs clearance. Generally, large professional international warehousing companies have their own international trade qualifications, and can provide professional foreign trade agency services, and have professional import and export customs declaration teams. Cross-border e-commerce deals with many types of commodities, and they have high requirements for foreign trade clearance capabilities, that is, they must meet the requirements of customs policies and regulations of various countries, and they must also simplify processes and reduce tax costs. Therefore, a professional overseas warehouse company should also be a high-quality international trade company.  
Finally, professional warehousing management capabilities. E-commerce, which is currently in its infancy, is still relatively bad in the ability to bear logistics costs, but the accuracy requirements for warehousing inventory and order processing are quite high, plus large daily orders High-volume and high-frequency returns require overseas warehouse companies to have considerable professional management capabilities. Only experienced international warehousing and logistics companies that have been self-operated for many years can meet such requirements. 

The above is the most basic analysis of the current e-commerce overseas warehouse market from the traditional logistics professional perspective. I believe that in the future, more and more traditional first-class logistics companies will provide more professional standards for our cross-border e-commerce. The high-quality service provides our cross-border e-commerce companies with more choices.

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