Spring Clamp



Spring clamps are also called Japanese clamps and spring clamps. Hose pipe clamp is stamped from spring steel at a time, and the outer ring has two ears for hand pressing. When clamping is needed, just press both ears firmly to make the inner ring bigger, then put in the round tube, and then release the handle to clamp. Easy to use. Can be reused.

Spring clamp features:
1. 360 ° inner ring precision design, after sealing, it is a complete and uniform circle, and the sealing performance is better;
2. The burr-free edge material treatment effectively prevents damage to the pipeline;
3. After effective dehydrogenation treatment, there is no need to worry about problems such as breakage for long-term use;
Steel belt type elastic hoop
4. According to the European standard surface treatment, the salt spray test can reach more than 800 hours;
5. Easy installation;
6. After 36 hours of continuous elasticity test, to ensure high-strength mechanical properties;

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