Application of Hose Clamp


Hose clamps are fasteners at the connection of soft and hard pipes. The hose clamp solves the problem of dead corners and leakage of liquid and gas when the hose clamp is used in the connection of small diameter soft and hard pipes in the prior art. The hose clamp adopts an open inner and outer ring structure and is fastened with bolts. The hose clamp effectively solves the problem of dead angles and liquid and gas leakage when small-diameter soft and hard pipes are connected. The simple structure is easy to manufacture and the cost is 30% of the original product. Supporting parts for pharmaceutical, food and wine wastewater treatment, purification and dedusting auto parts and other machines.

Features of hose pipe clamp: The friction of the worm is small, which is suitable for the connection of high-end models or anti-corrosion materials. The hose clamp has a wide range of application, torsion and pressure resistance, the hose torque is balanced, the locking is firm, tight, and the adjustment range is large. The hose clamp is suitable for fasteners connected by soft and hard pipes of more than 30mm, and the appearance is beautiful after assembly. As the pvc hose pipe manufacturers, we have clamp for sale, welcome to buy.

Established in 1990, SUZHOU SEAPEAK CO., LTD.. is a professional hose pipe manufacturers in China. Covering 6000 square meter, We now have annual sales turnovers in excess of USD15,000,000 and more than 60 workers at our factory. Our ISO9001 certification further demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality products.

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