The Composition of Fabric Weaving Machine


Fabric Weaving Machine is also called weaving loom or textile loom, it is composed of following structures—

The Composition of Fabric Weaving Machine

1.Shedding mechanism: separate the warp yarn up and down according to weaving structure, forming the shed for weft insertion.

2.Weft insertion mechanism: lead the weft yarn into the shed.

3.Beat-up mechanism: push the weft yarn to the shed and form the fabric

4.Take-up mechanism: take the ready fabrics and roll into the cloth roller.

5.Let-off mechanism: supply warp yarn at a certain speed and keep a certain tension on the yarn.

6.Machine rack, start and break mechanism, transmission system.

7.Protection mechanism: prevent fabric defect and ensure safe operation.

8.Auto weft supply mechanism: after the weft yarn run out, it will replenish automatically.

9.Multicolor weft supply: supply different weft yarn alternately without stopping machine.

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