Air jet weaving machine break type with broken weft


The main is the weft of the jet pressure or the weak weft.
Reasons for the formation
(1) The main nozzle is too stressed.
(2) The shear blow is too strong.
(3) The filling yarn is uneven and the yarn is very thin.
Elimination method
(1) Reduce the pressure of the main nozzle.
(2) Reduce the pressure of shearing and blowing.
(3) Replace the filling yarn and take measures to improve the quality of weft yarn.
Broken weft in weft insertion
The weft insertion force is too strong, too long or the weft details are blown off in the width range of the width of the loom, causing the loom to stand or form a double defect.
The cause of the formation
(1)The weft release angle is too small. The same time as the above.
(2) The main and auxiliary nozzle pressure is too high, opening (start and end time) is too large, auxiliary nozzle jet angle is too large. The same time as the above.
(3) Weft with details of the weak yarn.
Elimination method
(1) The appropriate increase in the release angle.
(2) Reduce the main and auxiliary nozzle pressure, and check the weft flight curve, reduce the opening (start and end time), to avoid excessive jet, reduce the nozzle injection angle. The same time as the above.
(3) To change the weft yarn, improve weft quality. Broken weft yarn in weft side fracture type. In the process of weft stop release, because of the weft insertion force is too strong or weak yarn weft have details.
Broken weft shear failure type
Shear failure type broken weft is the primary nozzle side weft yarn in weft insertion, beating-up before have not cut and form.
Reasons for the formation
(1) Scissors blade is sharp and meshing badly.
(2) Shearing time is not standard.
(3) The pressure of shearing is too low.
(4) The weft is late to the opposite side.
Elimination method
(1) Grind the blade by cycle and adjust the meshing well.
(2) Adjust the position of the specifications according to the scissors, and adjust the time.
(3) Reduce the pressure of cutting and blowing properly.
(4) Increase the pressure of the main auxiliary nozzle and extend the jet time of the auxiliary nozzle.

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