Installation Method for Improving Fitting Accuracy of Angular Contact Ball Bearings



Angular contact ball bearings can be divided into Single row angular contact ball bearings, Precislon single row angular contact ball bearings, Double row angular contact ball bearings, Four-point contact ball bearings. In order to improve the running performance of angular contact ball bearings, it is necessary to improve the actual fitting accuracy of the bearing during installation. So, do you know how to improve the fitting accuracy? Today we will talk about some tips.

If rolling bearings want to achieve high matching accuracy, then in the process of installation, the relevant technology and equipment should be the most perfect. Moreover, it is necessary to accurately measure the dimensions of the inner hole and outer circle of the bearing, and then perform high-precision installation according to the measured data. It should be noted that the corresponding dimensions and shapes of the shaft and housing bore are to be matched to the angular contact ball bearing data measured under the same conditions.

During installation, the shaft and the seat hole are close to the two sides of the chamfer of the device, and two sets of marks on the deviation deviation should be made to make the deviation of the matching two sides unified. After the installation is completed in this way, the deviation on both sides will be partially offset. Installed in this way, the actual fit accuracy of the angular contact ball bearing will be improved.

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