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Ric Flair is in the hospital. The WCW icon was reportedly admitted to the ICU over the weekend with “heart-related issues” according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Early reports insisted that it was for routine monitoring, but things seemingly took a turn for the worse on Sunday night, when Flair’s representatives told TMZ: “We need your prayers, positive energy, and well wishes for our Living Legend as he is dealing with some tough medical issues.” He is currently in a medically induced coma. Flair is 68.

This health scare has led many to reflect on the life of the beloved ‘Nature Boy’ wrestler, including his greatest matches, his family, and how much money he’s made throughout his career.

Here’s what you need to know about Ric Flair‘s net worth:

He Has an Estimated Net Worth of $5 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Flair has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Much of this is the result of his lengthy and lucrative wrestling career.

Flair, born Richard Morgan Fliehr, is often considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and one of the premiere performer of the 1980s. He held the title of NWA World Heavyweight Champion a staggering nine times between 1981 and 1993, during which time Pro MMA reports he earned $700K per year. Flair was also considered a huge pay-per-view attraction throughout his career, and he would go on to headline the NWA/WCW event ten times throughout his career.

After a brief tenure with the World Wrestling Federation (also known as WWE), Flair returned to the WCW in 1993, where reports that his salary remained around $70K. Fox News estimates that between 1996 and 2000, Flair (who held the WCW Champion title in 1999) earned a total of $1,954,313. His best annual salary during this time was in 1998, when he took home $780,259.

As of 2016, Bleacher Report states that Flair was making about $22,000 each month in TNA, but they hadn’t paid him any royalties in six months.
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