Automatic Production Line of Security 3D Fence sold to Mexico



JIAKE welding machinery is a gold manufacturer for Automatic Production Line of Security 3D Fence in China! Our 3D fence panel production line used a new type of pneumatic welding technology and Foreign brand Equipment and the machine welding speed max up 80 times/min, high production and only three workers operate, save costs.

Our Mexican customers have established their own factory to produce 3D fences, need more machines to improve production, so he wants to buy two sets of 3D fence panel welding machine production lines to produce more wire mesh. included wire straightening and cutting machine, fence mesh bending machine, Air compressor machine, etc.

Youtube Video for fence panel welding machine:

Machine Parameter
Wire diameter: 2.5-6mm Line wire pitch: 50-300mm
Crosswire pitch: Min.25mm Welding width: Max.2.5m
Mesh length: Max.3.2m Welding torch: 48pcs
Welding speed: Max.80 times/min Welding transformer: 150kva*6pcs
Machine weight: 4T

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