Pneumatic rabbit cage welding machine sold to Malaysia



The pneumatic rabbit cage welding machine also called chicken cage welding machine, poultry layer cage welding machine is used to make breed aquatic mesh, poultry mesh, coop, pigeon mesh, rabbit mesh, and so on.

The parameters of this machine:
Model: DP-AW-1600EE Welding speed:80-150times/min
Wire diameter: 2-4mm Cutting & falling way: Automatic
Crosswire distance: Min.20mm Cross wire feeding: Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Longitude wire distance: 20-200mm Longitude wire feeding: From wire coils
Width of mesh: Max.1600mm Factory power supply: Min.100kva
Welding electrodes: 81pcs Weight: 3200kg
Welding transformer: 125kva*4pcs Overall size: 5.4*2.6*1.4m

Advantage of the machine:
1. Upper copper wires connect the upper electrode and lower electrode base directly. (New welding way)
2. We use cooper plate to connect lower electrodes and welding transformers, high efficiency.
3. Brake motor& clutch reducer connect the main axis directly, big transmission torque.
4. SMC(Japan)air cylinders&pneumatic parts, machine working is more stable.
5. Panasonic(Japan) servo motor for pulling mesh, cross wire space can be adjusted by PLC.
Cast water-cooling transformers, welding degrees can be adjusted by PLC.

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