Gabion Mesh Machine Line for sale



Gabion mesh machine, also named heavy-duty hexagonal wire mesh machine, is used to produce gabion mesh and stone box, widely used on landscape protection, construction, farming, petroleum, chemical industry, heating pipes, seawall, hillsides, road, and bridge, etc.
1. Mitsubishi PLC&Touch screen, Schneider electronics, Invt inverter.
2. Inside of the crossbeam, there is a base plate welded, 12mm thickness. high stability, strong reinforcement shock-resistance (new design).
3. The crossbeam is produced on a special platform with high precision. The quality can be guaranteed. The machine assembly is also completed on a special platform. The overall performance is improved.
4. Our machine uses double driving rods instead of one driving rod, high speed&stable running.
5. The machine adopts a special device to make the lubrication oil reused.
6. The copper bush of our machine has good abrasion performance, better for axis rotating.
7. The wheel core of the machine is cast steel material, durable.
8. The cam of the machine is nodular cast iron, durable.
9. The dragging plate is with lining, long service life.
10. When the wire is broken and spiral wire is used up, the machine can stop working automatically.