358 anti-climb fence mesh welding machine



anti-climb fence mesh welding machine also called the Security fence machine, anti-climb fence machine used to make fence mesh, road mesh, reinforcing mesh, shelf, explosion-proof wall, etc.

Specification of anti-climb fence mesh welding machine:

Model DP-FP-3200A+
Wire diameter 3-6mm
Line wire space 76.2-300mm
Crosswire pitch Min.12.7mm
Mesh width Max.3200mm
Mesh length Max.3000mm or bigger
Welding electrodes 44pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*11pcs
Welding speed Max.60-80 times/min
Line wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Crosswire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Power supply Min.250kva
Weight 5.8T
Machine size 5.4*3.7*2.3m

To make an anti-climb fence, why choose a pneumatic machine?
1. Each welding electrode is controlled by one SMC air cylinder. The pressure can be totally the same. So the welding points are even, the finished mesh is flattened.
2. One welding transformer controls 4 welding electrodes, instead of 8. The welding electrodes can get even power from the welding transformer.
3. One copper wire connects one welding electrode. (Single wire connection). The welding electrodes will not affect each other. The welding current will be only kept on the welding points.
4. Both the upper welding electrode base and lower welding electrode base are water cooling. It can reduce the temperature of the welding electrode.