ALP Single Crank C Frame Press


The ALP series of open-type fixed table presses are general-purpose presses for sheet metal stamping. They are suitable for various cold stamping processes such as shearing, punching, blanking, bending and shallow drawing. It is manufactured in strict accordance with Japanese JIS Class 1 accuracy standards and is superior to domestic standards.

The main components of our c frame mechanical press are all processed by imported CNC equipments. Japanese high-quality bearings and imported oil seal linings ensure the accuracy and longevity of the machine.

C Frame Punch Press Structural Characteristics

1.One-piece body, the body is welded with high-quality steel plate, tempered to eliminate internal stress.

2.The body guide rail adopts six-sided guidance and has high guiding precision.

3.Manual lubrication for 60 tons and below, automatic lubrication for 80 tons and above.

4.Dry clutch and wet clutch for option, integrated with brake system with anomaly detection.

5.Manual adjustment of slider height for 60 tons and below, electric adjustment for 80 tons and above, adjustment speed about 40mm/min, interlocking control of slider adjustment and balancer pressure, hydraulic protection and slider stroke.

6.Machine is equipped with two-hand operation buttons and emergency stop button.

7.Digital die height indicator, in-time to display die height.

8.Electronic crank angle display for the slider position at any time.

9.Air ejector device keeps your workpiece/scrap away from mold, protects the mold and improves production efficiency.