LED Cob Strip Light for wall insulation garden


384 leds New LED light strip fit for house decoration landscape project Led Cob Strip Light
Item: COB LED light Strip, HT-384D05MM12V14W-R90
Size: L500cm(5M) x W 8mm
Emitting Color: Warm White(2800-3200K), Nature White(4000-4500K), White(6000-6500K), RED,GREEN,BLUE,YELLOW,PINK,purple
Waterproof: IP20
Length: 5M/Reel
LED Quantity: 384LED/M
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working temperature: -20 to 80 degree
With double side adhesive
1. Flip-chip;
2.Beam angle 180 degree;
3.High density LED, no light spot;
4.Homogeneous illumination;
5.Extremely flexible;
6.New tech against traditional strips
What are the differences between COB LED light strip and traditional LED SMD Strip Light?
1. Application advantages
The application of COB
light source is very convenient, and it can be directly applied to lamps
without other processes. The traditional SMD package light source also
needs to be patched first, and then fixed on the PCB board by reflow
soldering. It is not as convenient as COB in application.
2. Advantages of low thermal resistance
The system thermal
resistance structure of the traditional SMD package is: chip - solid die
glue - solder joint - solder paste - copper foil - insulating layer -
aluminum material. The system thermal resistance of the COB package is:
chip-die glue-aluminum. The system thermal resistance of COB package is
much lower than that of traditional SMD package, so the service life of
LED lamps in COB package is greatly improved.

3. High packaging efficiency and cost saving
The COB packaging
process is not much different from the SMD LED lamp production process,
but the packaging efficiency of COB packaging in dispensing, separation,
light splitting and packaging is much higher, and compared with
traditional SMD, it can save 5% of any and material costs .
4. Light quality advantage
The traditional SMD
package attaches multiple discrete devices to the PCB board to form a
light source component for LED applications in the form of patches. This
approach has problems of spot light, glare and ghosting. Since the COB
package is an integrated package, it is a surface light source, with a
large viewing angle and easy adjustment, reducing the loss of light