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Name 18mm brown film faced plywood manufacture for construction Size 1220*2440*18mm Core Poplar,birch,hardwood,combi core Face&back Black ,brown Glue MR WBP MEALMINE Regular times 6-8 Times Certificate CE,CARB,ISO9000 Business type manufacture Supplier name Fushi wood       Model 1220*-2440*18 MM Environmental for Test Temperature(19-21)°C Relative humidity(62-70)% Test Standard GB/T17656-2008 No. Test item unit Normal value Test value 1. Moisture content % 6-14 10 2.   Bonding strength Unit strength MPA ≥0.7 (if destruction in the plywood exceeds 60% of the material,unite strength will be≥0.6Mpa.If destruction in the plywood exceeds 80% of the material ,unit strength will be above 0.5Mpa) Max 1.81 Min 1.52 Passed Pcs / 36 Amount Pcs / 36 Destruction of plywood % / 30 Proportion of passed pcs and amount pcs % / 100 3. Modulus of rupture Perpendicular veining Mpa ≥40 44 Horizontal veining ≥30 37 4. Modulus of elasticity Perpendicular veining Mpa ≥5000 5894 Horizontal veining ≥4000 4007 5. Dip peel tes / Impregnated paper veneer and plywood surface on each side of the cumulative peeling length no worse than 25mm Four sides had no peel