Customized food industry high grade label


Food and beverage label: 

Customized food industry high grade label  Daily Chemical Label ,Custom Stickers,Personalized Stickers
It is widely used in fine, high-gloss color label printing. It can be applied to the labeling of glass, steel plate, carton, PE, PP, PET, and other substrates and has a good adhesion effect.

Suitable for general photoelectric detection labeling system. Labeling on highly curved surfaces is recommended to be tested first.

Storage period: From the date of shipment, it can be stored at a temperature of 23±2°C and a relative humidity of 50±5% for about 1 year

Product Detail
Material:  Avery adhesive material (can choose: ordinary paper, synthetic paper, pearlized film, BOPP, PE, PET, PVC etc.,)
Size:    Customized           Quantity:  MOQ is 10000pcs/kind
Printing Artwork:     9C Satellite type rotary press letterpress printing + screen printing + 4C process printing + hot/cold gold foiling + gloss/matte lamination, folding + die cutting etc., specific artwork is according to client’s requirements.
Out of the way:   In rolls/ in sheets (if in rolls, can choose the suitable roll direction for labeling machine).
Prepress requirements:   Pls offer CDR or Ai or pdf file on artwork/design before printing.
Lead time:   Within about 7 workdays for the quantity of less than 1,000,000pcs.