Light up robot hand held fan without candy


Do you love robots? do you like to play a fan toy with robot image? Does the robot appears to you as very stuborn and not flexible? here we introduce Robot toy with multiple function. we promote it as summer hit products. This Light up Robot Hand Fan without candy has soft blades and is manually powered, making it ideal for outdoor events. Simply use the trigger to spin the fan to create luminous colors & sounds.  the music is only one or two options. and it's selected randomly. As the mass production of it, we can not promise the music sound. you can check our vedio to see the performance. It's so perfect to use at amusement parks, sporting events and fun-in-the-sun activities, birthday party and summer outdoor party toy. Robot fan is not only for boys only. there are three colors for this kind of robot toy. they are suitable for boys and girls. By playing together with it, children could enjoy candy and lumourous light and fan all in one small toy. “Playing with safety and intelligence” is what we are chasing for. we have to inform you that it is bettere to use with age over 3. Light up robot handheld fan past BRC, FDA, HACCP, IFRC, GMP, FMA, EN71,7P test.  LETIME, build the loving & enjoyable time for kids all around the world.

Product Name

Light up Robot Hand Fan without candy

Age Range

3 years +


Do not contact with eyes or body


Price is quoted without candy. If you prefer with candy, pls do not hesitate to talk with us.