Chemical Laser Finned Tube


As a new technology in the welding industry, laser welding finned spiral tube has the remarkable characteristics of wear resistance, high efficiency, high heat exchange rate, large heat dissipation area, long service life, wide temperature range and high pressure. We have introduced the full-automatic laser welding machine imported from Germany. The fins and tubes are welded seamlessly. The unique winding process ensures that the fin spacing is at least 2mm, the fins are evenly distributed, and the bottom is flat and free of wrinkles, which avoids the accumulation of ash. With high penetration rate and low thermal resistance, the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger is greatly improved. It saves more than 30% energy than the high-frequency welded finned tubes of the same specification, and is more in line with the national emission standard of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Outer Diameter of Base tube


Fin Outer Diameter


Fin Pitch


Fin Height


Fin Thickness


Maximum Pipe Length