8.0W Automotive lamp graphene Alumium circuit board


With the development of electronic products in the direction of “light, thin, short and small”, LED aluminum boards are also developing to high density and high difficulty. A large number of SMT and BGA PCBs appear, and customers should be led aluminum substrate manufacturers when mounting components to plug hole, mainly because:
1. Preventing short circuit of tin from the through hole through the component surface during over-wave soldering of the LED aluminum substrate;
2. Avoid flux remaining in the via hole;
3. After the surface mount and component assembly is completed, the PCB is vacuumed on the test machine to form a negative pressure:
4. Prevent the surface solder paste from flowing into the hole to cause solder joints, which affects the placement;
5. Prevent the soldering of the solder balls from over-wave soldering, causing a short circuit.



                                                        Material: Aluminium

                                                        Layer: 1L

                                                        Copper thickness: 1OZ

                                                        Board thickness: 1.2mm


                                                        Solder mask color: White

                                                        Solder mask brand: Taiyo

Conductivity: 8.0W/M.K


Aluminum circuit boards is a metal-based copper clad plate with good heat dissipation function. Generally, the single layer is composed of three-layer structure, which is a circuit layer (copper foil), an insulating layer and a metal base layer. Also used for high tech use is designed as double layers, the structure is circuit layer, insulation layer, aluminum base, insulation layer, circuit layer. A very small number of applications are multi-layer boards, which can be made of ordinary multi-layer boards combined with an insulating layer and an aluminum base.
Aluminum PCB characteristics
● Surface Mount Technology (SMT);
● Extremely efficient treatment of thermal diffusion in circuit design;
● Reduce product operating temperature, increase product power density and reliability, and extend product life;
● Reduce product size and reduce hardware and assembly costs;
● Replace the fragile ceramic substrate for better mechanical durability.

Aluminum PCB use:
● Audio equipment
   Input, output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, etc.
● Power supply equipment
   Switching regulator, DC/AC converter, SW regulator, etc.
● Communication electronic equipment
   High frequency amplifier, filtering appliance, reporting circuit, etc.
● Office automation equipment
   Motor drive, etc.
● Automotive
   Electronic regulator, ligniter, power controller, etc.
● Computer
   CPU board, floppy disk drive, power supply unit, etc.
● Power module
   Inverter, solid relay, rectifier bridge and so on.
● LED lighting
   With the promotion of energy-saving lamps, various energy-saving and beautiful LED lamps have been well received by the market, and aluminum PCB used for LED lamps have also begun to be applied on a large scale.


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