Optical glass meniscus lenses,bk7 meniscus lens,AR coated


Optical Meniscus Lenses
-Meniscus lenses have one concave surface and one convex surface.
-Creates a smaller beam diameter, reducing the spherical aberration  and beam waste when precision cutting or marking.
-Provides a smaller spot size with increased power density at the work  piece.
Parameters of Meniscus Lenses
1.Material:bk7,b270,glass,fused silica,sapphire,znse,caf2,ge,etc.
2.Dia.2mm to 600mm
3.Surace quality:10/5 to 80/50
4.flatness;1/4lambda (general standard)
6.Tol.:+/-0.1(general standard)
7.Coating:AR coating,Al,coating,Golded Coating,sliver coating,etc.

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