Circulating Water System Automatic Sand Media Water Filter (YL-SF-500)


Model NO.: YL-SF-500 Motive Force: Electric power Performance: Efficient Filtration Material: Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel Form: by-Pass Inlet Pressure: 0.2-0.6MPa Backwash: Automatic Inlet-Outlet Diameter: 1.5 Inch Transport Package: Plywood Case Into Container Origin: Jiangyin, Jiangsu Usage: Environmental Protection Style: Vertical Certification: CE Flow Rate: 6~10 Tph Average Remove Rate: 92%--96% Filter Media: Quartz Sand/Activated Carbon Thickness: 4mm Trademark: YLD Specification: CE, SGS HS Code: 842121999 Circulating Water System Automatic Sand Water Filter (YL-SF-500) Product IntroductionQuartz sand filter can effectively remove suspended solids in the water and hassignificant effects on the removal of colloids, iron, organics, pesticides, manganese, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants in the water. In addition to advantages of small filtration resistance, large specific surface area, strong acid and alkali resistance, resistance to oxidation, PH scope of2-13 and anti-pollution. As a unique advantages of the quartz sand filter, the filter is able to run self-adaptively through the optimization of the filter media and filter design, so that the filter has a strong adaptivity to raw water concentration, operating conditions, pre-disposal process, i.e. the filter bedautomatically forms a non-uniform state during filtration, which helps to guarantee the water quality under a variety of operating conditions and spread the filter material when backwashing, achieving good cleaning effect. The sand filter has advantages including fast filtering speed, high filtration precision and large interception capacity, etc. The filter is used in the industrial water, domestic water and municipal water systems requiring outflow turbidity of not greater than 5mg/l and complying with drinking water quality standards and for the removal of suspended solid sand solids in industrial wastewater, it can be used as ion exchange and pretreatment for softening desalination system and can also be used in the coarse filtration of water with undemanding industrial water quality, swimming pool circular processing system and cooling circulating water purification system.The characteristics of the filtration system1. Manual or automatic control is available;2. Water distributor is simple, uniform and reliable;3. Finished water collector has high strength and long service life;4. Easy to install. Only connect the inlet and outlet to the waste pipe when installing;5. Less water consumption in backwash: a homogeneous filter is used, so that backwash cycle is extended and the total backwash water volume is greatly reduced;6. High backwash efficiency: an advanced water collector is used, ensuring efficient backwash effect.To customers details: 01.  What is the capacity(m3/h or gpm)do you require?02.  How dirty the water is?03.  How the water will be used once it is filtered,04.  And the source of backwash water needed to clean the filters.Process cases:Specifications: model Filter diameter Height inlet-outlet Filtration area capacity mm mm mm m² m³/hour YL-SF-500 500 816 40 0.2 6~10 YL-SF-600 600 874 40 0.28 8~14 YL-SF-700 700 900 40 0.38 12~19 YL-SF-800 800 960 DN50 0.50 15-25 YL-SF-1000 1000 1200 DN50 0.79 23-39 YL-SF-1200 1200 1400 DN80 1.13 33-55 YL-SF-1400 1400 1600 DN100 1.54 45-75 YL-SF-1600 1600 1800 DN100 2.01 60-100 YL-SF-1800 1800 1950 DN150 2.54 75-125 YL-SF-2000 2000 2150 DN150 3.14 95-155 YL-SF-2200 2200 2250 DN150 3.80 115-190 YL-SF-2400 2400 2100 DN150 4.52 130-210 YL-SF-2600 2600 2400 DN150 5.30 145-225 YL-SF-2800 2800 2500 DN200 6.15 155-240 YL-SF-3000 3000 2600 DN200 7.00 170-255 YL-SF-3200 3200 2800 DN250 8.15 270-320