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bee-proof clothing In line with GA770-2008 "chemical protective clothing for firefighters" standard. Composed of multiple layers of fabric, the Protective Rescue Suit is one-piece designed for good sealing. It mainly prevents the attack of bee stings and bee venom, and can also prevent the damage to firefighters caused by hard objects such as scratching, cutting, tearing and other dangerous factors. Personal Protection Equipment consists of the following main components: Bandana, Goggles, Clothing, Gloves, Boots. There are hooks and pockets on the clothes for firefighters to carry some small work tools. The cover mesh is made of special-shaped stainless steel mesh. Personal Protection Product Equipment has the characteristics of bending resistance, compression resistance, good resilience, good breathability and comfort, and can well protect the wearer's face. Layered vents at the underarms and crotch provide secure ventilation. The gloves are dexterous and have a good anti-stinging effect.
1. The main body of the garment is composed of high-strength flame-retardant and breathable layer materials. The fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear. The warp breaking strength is not less than 750N, and the weft breaking strength is not less than 420N.
2. The mask is made of high-density metal mesh, and the mesh spacing is less than 0.2mm, which ensures ventilation and prevents flying insects from penetrating into the clothing.
3. The neckline of the hood is connected with the clothing body by a zipper, and there is a circular collar to prevent wasp invasion. 4. Shoes and gloves are made of cowhide, which is wear-resistant, cutting-resistant, puncture-resistant, and comfortable 5. , There are 12 ventilation holes with metal mesh in the armpit and crotch of the main body of the garment, which can ensure the safety performance while ensuring the breathability and comfort.