Direct Drive DD Motor


Direct drive DD motor TLD112-65-9


Model: TLD112 series

Positioning accuracy: ±30Arc sec

Repeatability: ±2.5Arc sec

Product introduction: The outer diameter is 112mm, the height is 65mm, the large torque is 9N.m, the running is smooth, the positioning is accurate, and the backlash is zero

Product details: Baolai BORAUTOMATION direct drive DD motor has large output torque, also known as torque motor, which adopts direct connection method.

The positioning error caused by the mechanical structure is reduced, and the high-resolution encoder is configured.

The DD motor can achieve second-level accuracy, low noise, integrated structure, and the load can be directly

On the mounting surface where the DD motor is installed, the outer diameter of the direct drive DD motor TLD112--065-009

It is 112mm, the height is 65mm, and the maximum torque is 9N.m.