NH361MX Fully-Automatic Powder Actuated Fastening Tool


NH361MX Fully Automatic Powder Actuated Tool


Commercial and residential construction

Drywall track, Metal track

Conduit clips fastening

Electrical fixtures

Duct straps

Wood to steel, Wood to concrete

Concrete forming

Door frames

Perimeter plates

Furring Channel

Brick Ties

A wide variety of applications using collated fasteners

Technical Parameters

Direct Fastening

 Indirect act (Piston)

Powder Loads: .27 caliber S1JL strip powder loads with four power levels

Equipped with 8.6mm nailer tubes

Fasteners: YDMX Magazine drive pins

Fastener Length: 32mm maximum

Weight: 2.80 kg

Length: 390 mm


Unique design to avoid blocking

Automatically shooting of ten nails continuously

Automatic feeding and fast shooting

Automatic piston return and powder loads advance

Variable power level adjustment

Light weight and low-noise

Automatic resetting after shooting

This tool is designed for high productivity and versatility, high speed use and repetitive applications throughout the contractors work hours, with the direct fastening technology. 

NH361MX Fully Automatic Powder Actuated Fastening Tool is engineered and designed as a low velocity, fully-automatic .27 caliber tool that can be used to install YDMX 8mm Magazine Pins, up to 32mm pins total length. 

Power level adjustable and rubber grip on the barrel for comfort when resetting the piston makes this tool a great upgrade than all models of powder fastening tools. 

Fasteners / Drive Pins

.27 Caliber Strips of Powder Loads

Included With Tool:

Safety Glasses, Operators Manual, Spall Guard, Two Wire Cleaning Brushes, Carry Case, extra barrel clip and pawl