Black Tartary Buckwheat Tea Sea Buckthorn Tea


product description:
The dissolution rate of rutin from Cyclotaxus Chinensis was higher.
The nutrition is all in the tea soup, and the good quality can be seen at a glance.
The aroma of wheat is strong. After the buckwheat is brewed, it floats in the cup. The tea soup gradually turns from transparent to orange. It is mellow, thick, strong, and fragrant, like life, and it is sweet but not astringent.

Our company:
Huantai (Group) insists on a professional, refined, enlarged and strengthened development way with the purest and most natural tartary buckwheat from Daliangshan as the raw material; insists on the development spirits of innovation with keen determination; insists on the operation philosophy of [quality improved based on standards, brands created based on quality, market expanded based on brand and development accelerated based on market". Now the group has become a tartary buckwheat industrialization company with the largest processing scale, highest development level, most complete Series products, longest industrial chains, broadest sales scope and strongest competitiveness in China.