BM-LS Shear Beam Load Cell


BM-LS type load cell has peculiar structure of both ends supporting, center forced. This structure enable the load cell to be high accuracy, high reliability in measuring.Force is transferred by pressure head and steel ball which can automatically recover and correct core. The elastic body is made of alloy steel. Cross-range force and impulsive force can be well resisted. Sealed hermetically with damp-proof material, the load cell can work properly in adverse circumstances and has protection grade specified as IP68. It is used to be explosive dangerous circumstance, the explosion-proof symbol is Exia II CT6Ga; ExiaD20T85.It has good compatibility and can be conveniently installed. Suitable for truck scale, track scale, hopper scale, and other special scales for weighing and force measurement. It has received the NTEP certificate.

Our company also produces strain gauge, weighing indicator and other scale such as truck scale, platform scale and hopper scale.