Customized Valve castings Butterfly Valve castings


Castings Product Introduction

Butterfly valve is a common kind of valve casting. Butterfly valve is often used to regulate the flow of gases, liquids or slurries. Butterfly valves are suitable for flow regulation. Since the pressure loss of the butterfly valve in the pipeline is relatively large, which is about three times that of the gate valve, the influence of the pipeline system by the pressure loss should be fully considered when selecting the butterfly valve.

Product Features

1.Butterfly valves are ideal for applications with limited space requirements.

2.Butterfly valves are ideal for applications requiring continuous throttling of liquids, gases or slurries.

3.Most butterfly valve has a long service life.

4. Compared to other valve casting, it's easy to install.

Production Equipment

We boast various kinds of production and detective equipment, providing valve casting, vehicle casting, machine tool castings and so on.

And we can supply you product according to your requirement.