Disposable Sugarcane Bagasse 6inch Fork Cutlery Sets


    Our elegant disposable sugarcane cutlery is a great choice to shift from plastic to eco-friendly cutlery that works well with hot and cold foods. It will give you unique experience for meal,suitable for wedding,party,resturant,picnic etc. 160mm common size for fork,knife,spoon in white or nature.


Q1:Are you manufacturer or trade Company?

A1:We are a factory founded in 2008, well-known in domestic market.
We have 10 production lines for Bagasse pulp facility, 6 production lines are semi and 4 production lines are fully
automatic,monthly output is around 50 big containers. We have a mold department design and produce the molds, mold quality is the key to bagasse pulp products.

Q2:What’s your main business activity?

A2:Paper cup, paper boxes,paper bowls and tubs, paper straws and bagasse pulp products

Q3:MOQ Quantities and Why?

A3:Usually,we request every items minimum order quantity is 50,000pcs.

Q4:What is Bagasse pulp?

A4:Bagasse is the fibrous material that remains after the juices are removed from sugarcane stalk. To make the compostable Bagasse plates and bowls, the process starts with the repurposed Bagasse material. The material arrives at our factory as dry.Bagasse pulp sheet, we need to break and soak it in to fiber solutions.

Q5:Why your factory quality is better and why should we choose you?

A5:First we have a high standard on ourselves and we have ambitious to be the best supplier in this industry. Luckily we have a big public company customer from Europe, they set the quality bar very high and push us to perfect every details, this make our products quality is one of the best on the market, also our ability from design to end products is one of the best among our peers factories. We seek long relationship and in order to keep it long we will make our customers have comparative advantage, we try to achieve this by providing constantly better quality products and better price.

Q6:How to develop new products?

A6:We request real samples or photos, if can not provide samples. No matter the samples is plastic or 3D print, our designer will make new drawings based on the samples. And we shall send you drawing to do evaluation and based on your input we will do modifications.

Q7:Lead time

A7:Generally,production leading time is 30-45 days from received the orders, if for developing new items, we need 10 days on drawings, new mold producing time is 30 days.


A8:Please email us and we will send you certifications, we have BRC, OK COMPOST, DIN, SGS, ISO....If the certifications you need we do not have, we will apply for it.