106g Preserved Dried Yellow Peach Pulp


Product Description

106g Dried Peach Pulps, packed from fresh Yellow Clingstone Peaches, peeled, sliced and dried.

Fomdas Dried Fruits are packed with fresh Ams Peach from Fomdas own orchards, and approved qualified suppliers' orchards, they are all natural and sun-ripened. Every piece of fresh fruits is selected on appearance, maturity and color before production, they are also pesticides and heavy metal residual tested.

Preserved Fruit Pulps is a good snack for both kids and adults. Store it in a cool and dry place.

Other Options

For Dried Fruits, we also have Dried Mandarin Orange Peels and Dried Mandarin Orange Segments.

Our Services & Strength

  • Owns 2 US FDA Registiered Factories: ZHEJIANG FOMDAS FOODS (code L42) 

                                                           HUBEI FOMDAS FOODS (code W42)

  • Owns fresh fruits orchards
  • Owns a lab for pesticides and heavy metal residual testing
  • Owns 35 Production Lines
  • Factory Capacity: 4500-5500FCLs per Year



Q: Can you provide OEM & ODM service?

A: Sure, OEM/ODM is workable. And our OEM customers include Dole, Walmart Stores, Edeka, Lider, Lidl and Sysco etc. totally more than 90 different brands.

Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are manufacture and trading integrated company.

Q: What products can you pack?

A: Our main products are canned fruits, frozen fruits, dried fruits and canned vegetables.

Q: Can you process products according to our requirements?

A: Of course, we can customize products according to customers' specification and requirements.