Variable Frequency Transformer Dry Type


Product overview

Variable frequency speed regulation technology has become the main trend of electric transmission 
development because of its remarkable power saving effect, excellent speed regulation performance 
and wide applicabilit.

It also relates to multiple disciplines such as the electric motor and power electronics technology, 
microelectronics technology, information and control, widely used in the whole industrial field.

The direct application of the high voltage frequency dry-type transformer is to provide the core component
—isolation power source, for Variable frequency speed regulation device, which directly determines the 
performance of the Variable frequency speed regulation device.

Product type description



The product voltage class includes 3kV、6kV and 10kV as well as 1600-2400v used by the special submersible oil pump in the oilfield, with the frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz.

Our Strength

Is the first manufacturers of epoxy resin Variable frequency transformer in domestic
Domestic market share remains the top three
Has Long-term friendly cooperation with Japan yaskawa, Fuji electric, America Emerson, 
Germany Siemens and other top 500 enterprises in the world
The maximum capacity is 10000kVA