XB300 Asbestos Rubber Sheet


XB300 Asbestos Rubber Sheet
Description:XB300 Asbestos Rubber Sheet is a kind of middle pressure asbestos sealing sheet,it is made by chrysotile asbestos fiber with rubber ,compression molding in difference thickness paper fashion.

Usage: XB300 Asbestos Rubber Sheet is for max temperature 300 centigrade and  Max pressure 3.0Mpa water and steam transmitted in the joints of facilities and pipelines.

Advantage:We have eight set of production equipments,we can produce more than 500 tons for one month.We exported to Vietnam,Malaysia,Thailand,Pakistan etc countries.



4100×1500mm; 4500 x 1500mm;2000×1500mm;


1270×1300mm; 3810×1300mm 

Thickness:  0.5~6.0mm

Technical data:

Lateral Tensile Strength/MPa        ≥ 6.0

Aging coefficient                         ≥    0.9

Loss on ignition/%                      ≤    30.0

Compression ratio/%                      7~17

Recovery/%                                 ≥      35

Creep relaxation rate/%             ≤      50

Density(g/cm3)                           1.6~2.0

Hebei Hengda Sealing Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, the professional manufacturer of sealing materials, we mainly produce non asbestos ruber sheet , asbestos rubber sheet , rubber sheet and gland packing , metal spiral wound gasket , rockwool etc.
It`s equipped with abundant technical strength and the manufacturer participated in drafting the National Standard for Testing Oil-Resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet Methods , also, we have developed anticorrosive asbestos rubber sheet and oil resistance composite seal gasket successively, they are authorized by the National Utility Model Patent Certification respectively. Sanda brand won the "Hebei Famous Brand" title in 2007.

Our company has passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, and has import & export right, products export to lots of countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand,  and other countries and regions.