Ladle Slide Gate Plate


Ladle Slide Gate Plate

The Ladle Slide Gate Plate is the key component to determine the function of the Slide gate plate and Nozzles and plays the role of controlling and regulating the flow of molten steel. 

Due to repeated contact with high-temperature molten steel (especially the casting hole), the Slide Gate Plate has serious corrosion and harsh service conditions. The Slide Gate Plate is required to have good properties such as high strength, corrosion resistance and peeling resistance. During pouring, it is required to ensure that there is no molten steel leakage between slide gate plates. The slide gate plate must have the following properties:

(1) Flatness of sliding surface ≤ 0.05mm;

(2) High mechanical strength;

(3) Strong corrosion resistance to molten steel and slag;

(4) Excellent oxidation resistance;

(5) Good thermal shock stability.

The sealing protection of Ladle Slide gate plate and Nozzles is mainly at the connection between the upper nozzle and the upper slide gate plate, and the lower slide gate plate and the lower outlet. During pouring, generally, after pouring one or two furnaces of molten steel, the lower slide gate plate and lower nozzle must be replaced and reassembled. The sealing protection adopts fibrous or mastic gasket to ensure the high cleanliness of molten steel and the uniformity of internal quality of slab.




Special for Larger Ladles

Performance Data for Reference

Al2O3  %




ZrO2  %




C     %

















Must be in Dry Storage Space

Product Warranty

6 months

Service Life

3-7 Times based on different ladles condition


Cartons & Ply-wood Case

Delivery/Lead Time

40-50 days

Ladle Slide Gate Plate For Referrence

Company Introduction

Jinan New Emei Co.Ltd was established at 1999 (EMEI Original factory was Founded in1983), which It is the earliest professional enterprise of China to develop and produce High Performance slide gate refractories for steel-making industries (refractory materials, slide gate mechanism) , has grown to one of the largest slide gate refractories Manufacturer in China. Emei is also a local backbone manufacturer of refractory materials has been confirmed by the Ministry of Metallurgy, and a national refractory industry with standard system (repair) order place. It is a "high-tech enterprise","provincial enterprise technology center" prize, "Jinan city civilized company prize","contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise" for many consecutive years; "enterprise credit rating AAA" prize successively won the "Shandong Province Patent Star Enterprise" "Jinan Advanced Company of Technological Innovation", "Shandong Excellent Private Technology Enterprise", "Shandong Manufacturing with Informatization Demonstration Enterprise", "Shandong Famous Brand", etc. Honorary title. With the efforts from each member of Emei, we have reached top 5 refractory manufacturer in domestic and won the great reputation in China, now the Emei brand has become one of the most Famous Brand in China, even in the world.

Emei offers a wide range of high performance slide gate refractory such as Slide Plate, Inner Nozzle,Collector Nozzle Well Block,Purging System, Castable, Pre-casting and slide gate mechanism. MEANWHILE, EMEI has more cooperation contracts with some China steel plants with outstanding performance. Til 2021,we have exported more than 30 countries such as South Korean, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey,Iran, Italy, German, and so on. And we have rich experience to service the ladle size of 120T,180T 210T,300T and even 350T.

Emei aims to supply High Performance Slide Gate Refractories by our innovative technical design and to provide top service and support to our global customers. 


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