resin abrasive fiber disc for weld grinding


resin abrasive fiber disc for weld grinding

Aluminum oxide resin fiber discs are designed for blending edged, seams and corners, weld grinding and deburrnig. Fiber discs are made by electrostatistically depositing grains of Aluminum Oxide/calcined alumina/silicon carbide/zircon on heavy duty vulcanized fiber backing with heat-resistant phenolic resins. Fiber sanding discs are mainly used in all kinds of metal and non-metallic materials. It is suitable for shipbuilding, automobile, aviation, machinery, bridge and construction industry.

Size: 4" 4.5" 5" 6" 7"

Grain: Aluminum Oxide/ calcined alumina/silicon carbide/zircon

Thickness: 0.6MM  0.8MM

Grit: P16-P320

Holes: round, cross, or customer sized