Zinc alumnimum alloy wire


Zinc Aluminium alloy wire  is with zinc as the base,a proper 0f aluinium,or other improved element,sudh as rara earth The product conforms to the requirements of EU RoHS,Reach.

The surface is smooth and clean without bubble,burr or other defects.

The mechanical property and surface uality are highly uniform.

Product specification: ф0.8mm~ф4.8mm

Item: Zn85Al15,Zn98Al12,Zn95Al5,Zn91Al9,

Product packing: 10-20kgs(spool packing) 

                        30-350kgs(drum packing)

Application Fields: It is a good  anti-corrosion material,widely used in steel structure anti-corrosion,wind power tower,bridge,sluice gate,oil pipe on sea,Ductile iron pipe,extrusion division tube

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