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Changge Fukang Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the Machinery Parts Industrial Park, Changge City, Henan Province. It is a business enterprise dedicated to high-quality iron castings, research and development, production and sales. The national highway has convenient transportation. The company was founded in July 2002. The registered capital is 3 million yuan, covering an area of 14,000 square meters. The fixed assets are 20 million yuan, the annual output value is 30 million yuan, and the annual profit and tax is more than 2 million yuan. It is the executive director of Henan Casting and Forging Association. The governing unit has a 5060 horizontal splitting automatic molding production line, a film-coated sand shell molding production line and has machining capacity. The annual production capacity of castings is 15,000 tons. It has a cast iron branch factory and a machine plus branch factory.
The products cover more than 140 parts of various passenger commercial vehicle brackets, automobile drive shaft parts, electric vehicle parts, construction machinery parts, differential parts, suspension structural parts, railway brake equipment parts, etc. With independent research and development capabilities, the company adheres to market-oriented, technology-led, enhances technological innovation capabilities, continuously increases research and development investment, and enhances innovation. The chairman of the company, Mr. Yang Junpeng, invites all new and old users to plan for the future , Create a great cause, go hand in hand, create brilliant!
Cast iron can produce various grades of ductile iron and gray iron with a single weight between 1.5kg and 50kg, and steel castings can produce various carbon steel and alloy steel products from 1.5kg to 30kg. The company has strong technical force and has various Professional and technical personnel, reliable product quality, production and sales throughout the country and some exported to Brazil, and other countries and regions,