Silicone grip round cake pan


Properties Silicone grip round cake pan Material: carbon steel Dimensions: 26.5*23*3.3/29.2*26.5*4 cm /Thickness 0.6 mm Coating: Non-stick coating inside and outside Easy to clean Silicone grip cake pan Seasoning is the process of carbonizing oils into the porous surfaces. A seasoned pan not only helps keep your food from sticking but it also imparts flavors from the oils. Iron pans are the ones most commonly seasoned, but steel woks and crepe pans also can benefit. A few basic maintenance procedures can keep your seasoned steel pans at their best. Instructions 1. Wash your steel pan with hot soapy water to remove any residue. While generally considered the enemy of seasoned pans, soap will clean the porous surfaces of the pan so seasoning can properly occur. Dry the pan thoroughly with a dish towel and set it aside to cool. Make sure the pan is fully cooled and dry before seasoning. 2. Spread oil on the inside surface of the pan. Fold a paper towel over itself several times and wipe the oil around the sides and bottom until the steel pan is fully coated. Lard is traditionally used in seasoning, but temperature-resistant oils, such as peanut or grape seed, work as well. Avoid butter, olive oil and other oils with low smoke points. 3. Set your stove to a medium heat and place the pan on the burner. Tilt the pan to continue spreading the oil over the surface. As the pan heats, the oil will begin to carbonize into the porous pan surfaces. Remove the pan from the stove when the oil begins to smoke and allow it to cool. Wipe excess oil from the cooled pan with a paper towel. 4. Apply a thin layer of clear oil to the inside of the pan with a paper towel after it's dry. This will help seal and build the seasoning.